Cross Stroke is Live get your copy at the link below






Hey everyone,

 Excited to announce Cross Stroke is now live and available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It's been a cold winter around the country, especially here in the northeast, but get ready to warm up your winter with the first book in the On The Edge Series. Cross Stroke, is the story of Dak, the cocky but emotionally scarred captain of the hockey team and Tracey, the feisty but emotionally damaged champion figure skater. Their relationship is jam-packed with tension, angst, fun antics and of course some very steamy interactions, which all lead to their glorious happily ever after (if they don't strangle each other first!) I hope you love them as much as I loved writing about them. Future books in the series will be the stories of Dak's roommates, three other hockey hotties and the ladies who keep their hormones racing and their hockey sticks scoring. Stay tuned later this year for the next book in the series, Cross Drop. It's Dalt and Nikki's story.

Happy reading,